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Wall Attraction Islamic Best Places 3D Wall Sticker & Mural Sticker for Wall Size - 83x40cm NBD16

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Our Stickers are made of a High Quality, Waterproof and Durable material, These Stickers will last long for up to 4-7 years

Instruction: 1. Clean the surface that you plan to apply the sticker, make sure it is completely dry and smooth. 2. Peel off the sticker from backing paper. 3. Paste the sticker as you desire. 4. Wipe the sticker gently from the center out to edges to eliminate air bubbles.

Disclaimer : All Images are digitally enlarged to provide better view of product.

Vinyl stickers can also be considered as a temporary decor since it can be peeled off without doing any damage to the surface on which it has been applied. Most vinyl stickers are not reusable although some reusable stickers are also available.

Separate the vinyl sticker from the roll provided and stick it to the desired portion of your room which should be a smooth surface like a wall or any furnished surface after taking the required measurements. It is advised to clean and brush the surface where the sticker is to be applied to free the surface from any dust or dirt.

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