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Gadgets World Islamic MASJID 3D Optical Illusion Acrylic Night Lamp, 7 Colors RGB Auto Colour Changing LED Plug and Play Night Light

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VISUALS and DESIGN: There is a 3D optical illusion occurring when you turn on this night lamp. Laser engraved design will glow in RGB multicolor light. It gives pattern visuals in a dark atmosphere. This night lamp has a design of “ISLAMIC MASJID” which makes it more glorious. When you turn on the night lamp you will see the “ISLAMIC MASJID” design glow. Design Name : SD0105-ISLAMIC MASJID

EASY OPERATION : This night lamp is very easy to operate. It is very simple, so anybody can operate it. You just need to Plug in the night lamp into the electric switch board and turn on power. Night lamp will start to glow. PLUG & PLAY.

USAGE : This product can be used as both DAY LIGHT and NIGHT LIGHT. It is suitable as a day light for living rooms, bars, shops, coffee cafes, hotels, restaurants, office, Etc. It is also suitable as a night light / night lamp for bedrooms, hotels, couples, family, Etc. It can be used for good decoration for bedroom, living room, cafe, restaurant and parties.

GIFT : This night lamp can be used in the bedroom room, living room at night. It can also be used in offices, living rooms for day use. You can gift it to your favorite person on the occasion of Birthday, Anniversary, Complements, Surprises, Celebrations Etc. Your favorite person will surely like it. So don’t think more and just grab it. You will be satisfied with your gift idea and choice.

ECO MATERIALS : This night lamp is made from eco-friendly material (PLA) and engraved on acrylic material. It will not cause any irritations. It is made up of a Low energy consumption module so it consumes very LOW ENERGY. This product is proudly MADE IN INDIA.

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